Boilie tub garlic herbs

Boilíe Goats Cheese Pearls in Garlic & herb infused oil

Made to a traditional recipe, Boilíe are soft creamy goats cheese pearls marinated with herbs and peppercorns in a garlic infused oil which gently enhances the flavour and preserves its goodness.

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Boilie tub tom herbs

Boilíe Goats Cheese Pearls filled with tomato and herbs

These award winning Boilíe Goat’s Cheese Pearls contain a delicious tomato and herb filling which is the perfect pairing for the creamy goat’s cheese.

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Boilie tub basil pesto

Boilíe Goats Cheese Pearls filled with Basil Pesto

A rich and vibrant basil pesto filling is encased in these delicious Boilíe Goat’s Cheese Pearls which make them perfect for any dish

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Boilie barrel

Boilíe Barrel

With its creamy, lemony tang Boilíe Goat’s Cheese is perfect for fresh salads, hot pasta or even for stuffing inside a chicken breast. It can add a distinctive touch to a toasted ciabatta and is wonderful when melted into an omelette.

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